As you can see, its still a mess, but a little more of a productive mess – i hope!
in the middle of the desk are two trays waiting to be returned to the drying rack. they are filled with items belonging to my U.O.L campaign. most of these pieces began as dull chipboard tags and borders (you know – the sort that never fit any colour or theme). I have applied a layer of gesso, and once that was dry a layer of rather revolting pink kiddie glitter glue (another U.O.L item, don’t know how that one sneaked into my stash- i’m  really not a pink glitter person (must of been an impulsive e-bay bulk buy – must keep a check on those this year!)
Now because i’m not a pink glitter person, i had to be a little creative in the way i used up said bottle of kiddie glitter, and i discovered that nice product from Lord Holtz – namely distress stains, worked over the top created a rather nice effect, this second photo is of some bits that started life as little metal rimmed paper tags (more U.O.L stash), which have been accordingly gesso-ed, glittered, stained, stamped, sticker-ed and glazed – hence there shininess. I’m not entirely  sure if i will use them as flat card embellishments, or turn them into jewelry pieces – your’ll have to stay tuned to find out.

Only trouble now is, that i only have two shades of distress stain. I guess theres more shopping to be don, or i could consider it my ‘red phase’. 

U.O.L (Use-it. Or. Loose-it)

Whilst re-organizing my work area and house in general, it has come to my attention that – despite my creative blocks, my ability for acquiring crafty bargains has been relentless.
I blame my Nan for this, she was something of a thrifty hoarder herself, but i don’t have a cupboard under the stairs in the form of a Tardis like she seemed to have. I have, over the last 15 years packed every room in the house, even the loft, every nook and cranny is well and truly filled. (and the thought of having to move it all when we find a house exchange, makes me shudder to the bones!)

So in order to resolve this situation, I have challenged myself to ‘Use-it Or Loose-it’ – anything purchased, acquired  or salvaged before January 2013, has to either become incredibly useful (i.e used on more than one occasion), or it must go  by the end of the year.
At the top of the page, there are some slide shows so you can see how this challenge is progressing. As you can see i’ve managed to move a couple of things out of the danger zone already, but there not quite safe yet.…and this is how they’ve escaped the danger zone.

I have teamed them with some remnants of tissue boxes,( salvaged from family flue season over Christmas), which iv’e cut with fancy scissors called ‘Victorian‘, and edged with a crimson copic. Iv’e stamped my little birds with wet look pens and  embossed them in  lilac mother of pearl powder. washi tapes and die cuts were added to the base cards to produce some really quick valentine cards.
here’s the finished cards




Hi, i’m new to WOYWW, please don’t be to critical of my desk, its a work in progress!

As you can see, despite all my re-organizing in January my desk still isn’t the artistic oasis I was hoping for, but at least I can access it (after moving a few boxes), and I can access alot more of my crafting stash.
In the middle of the desk lie some  printed canvases, I stamped these yesterday, with a beautiful poppy stamp that was residing in the ‘U.O.L’ (use-it or loose-it) pile but i had to rescue it – more on that later.
To my left is my craft easel, a birthday present from hubby and kids – the first proper one in years, as i used to let him get away with making me buy my own gifts, but this is my year for change, so he got told to start putting in some effort or else! Within this box resides all my pencils, drawing, colored, pastels and watercolors.
On top of this is my Banksy box. At the moment this contains all the pens an pencils from the U.O.L pile – all those half dead pens that my kids have abandoned, but that are still useful, if not a little sticky!. My fancy scissors and a water pot currently reside on the top of the box.
Behind these is the ‘tiny stuff storage’ , containing beads, sequins, gems, metal embellishments, feathers and so forth, all neatly (for the moment ) contained in crafty storage boxes.
Behind that, on the window sits a UV light box (bought expressly for the setting of Lisa Pavelka’s Magic- Glos, which along with lots of other stuff sits in the lp storage unit, as yet unused. On top of this is a piles and tins full of ufo’s and cast offs, an area that needs tackling over the coming months. 
In front of me is my newly arranged cd storage, this contains many of but not all of my unmounted and clear stamps, (as they are not all sorted yet), as well as my die cutters and some paper ephemera and chipboard pieces from the U.O.L pile.
To my right sits my old but extremely useful LP store, it no longer contains lp’s, but instead maintains its practicality as a craft storage unit, filled with some rather ugly trays (must get round to improving that look!) which contain amongst other things glitters and glues and alcohol inks. It also contains all my 12 x 12 papers and fimo, along with many levels that need sorting and filing in the U.O.L section.
In front of this, as you can see from my annotation, is the space where my coffee should be, it will be cleared for such purpose, then i just need some kind sole to make me a cup. No such luck, only lazy teenagers in the house – guess i’m cafetiere today, might of known !!

before i go, thanks for dropping by, come again soon!
love and cyber hugs, smyling 🙂 

The first of many card creations

After re-organizing my entire house,


sorting through my stash, and creating easily accessible ‘stash buster’ piles, my creative will has had something of a uplift. No plastic surgery involved! This is my first card creation for quite some time. I’m hoping there are many more to come. Due to my lack of organization (up to now), i’m not sure what all the things in my stash are. Especially the stamps, as many of them have become separated from their larger sets. But i will mention names where i can, in case your interested. card creations
This card creations began….

with a rather sorrowful piece of green card at the top of the cast-offs box.
I have stamped this with stamps from a whispers set. I think it might of been called geometric – or something like that. I’ve  used ‘dots’ and ‘flowers’ and stamped them in whispers archival inks in ‘green leaf’ and ‘ savory green’. I’ve then stamped it with the ‘thinking of you’ text stamp, from a friskars Heidi Grace set called ‘Wild Daisy Road’. Thank you Google goggles for that one – what did we do before android apps? ‘I’ve used the daisy flourish from the same set, and embossed both in gold. After die cutting (labels die, i believe),I’ve edged it with metallic gold marker.


I’ve stamped and embossed the base card with a large daisy stamp from the ‘wild daisy road’ set. Then I created a flower embellishment  from some die cuts in the ‘use it or loose it’ stash, i believe these are tattered florals, I’ve inked them in pink. Then stamped and gold embossed with the smaller flower stamp from the geometric set. Next i’ve  edged them in gold and  shaped them slightly. I stacked them up and popped them on a flower brad, which i  topped with a gem. I’ve stuck everthing on the base card, the ‘thinking of you’ label is raised, and I’ve added a few more gems. Voila, all done.


Artistic blockages- when in dought – rearrange

I have had somewhat of a artistic blockages for some time now.

Despite the desire to create  – i just can’t bring myself to get started. I decided that the problem lie in my surroundings. My desk is placed in a corner of my bedroom. It has for a long time  felt cramped, dark and generally unwelcoming. I  spend the best part of the day hunting out all the required equipment from every other corner of the house. I find that most  things have got hurriedly packed away to the loft – hiding it from house viewers.


I felt like there was nothing else i could do but spend the best part of January rearranging my entire house, in a bid to gain some organisation to all of my crafting and up-cycling stash . 


artistic blockages and desk reorganising

here is my new creative space

far from perfect yet – i know. I have re-purposed two old cd racks, and purchased some new. These house the main stash of unmounted stamps, cutting dies, and paper ephemera, can remain  on my desk. There is new lighting.  An old lp rack, now contains  all my inks, paints and glitters within arms reach.   Out of view is an old paper rack that is now a much needed drying space.

There is still  a lot of ‘stash’ all over the house, but i am determined that i will create from the stash within arms length, so as not to waste time on a non  yielding hunt. 

i will spend a little time each month or so restocking from the rest of my stash, as i find interesting bits, whilst clearing out the house – cant wait to see what treasures i unearth.