Ode to hazel -black n white journal page, ced2013

I thought i’d join in with the creative every day challenge to try to spur on my creativity since its been somewhat lacking over the last year or so. Their theme for march is black and white. And it immediately reminded me of one of my all time favourite singers – Hazel O’Connor.  The particular song that jumped into my head, was ‘Blackman’ from her album and movie ‘breaking glass’.

The song is about the injustices of inequality, not just racially but  between rich and poor as well as every other juxtaposition between alternate human lives. Although the movie is from the British punk rebellion  of the 80’s, its unfortunately still maintains its ‘hot topic’ credibility  today,

Here is my …ode to hazel… journal page, for all to see, i have used her words as she states the issues so eloquently…

I’m joining the 21 secrets workshop at dirty footprints studio in order to get to grips with my journalling, and to catch up on some yummy techniques. Its not too late to join, it officially starts on April 1st, but registration is open till October –   hope some of you can come join in the pARTy.
love and cyber hugs


woyww 198

firstly let me apologise to all the people who have already hopped over to my desk this morning only to find the page not there yet. You are all obviously very impatient to see my desk this morning – i cant imagine why! Either that or my blog counters gone a bit dolally.
if you’ve popped by for some other unknown reason, and what to find out what on earth is going on , hop on over to the stamping ground to find out more.
ok on my desk today, from left to right :
*a now very empty draw of  extremely ancient glass paints 
* a very messy sheet of paper – covered in glass paint
* a draw from my with atc’s painted with glass paint
* an additional work surface hovering between work unit with wip journal
During one of my many house clearing sessions  I came across a box of extremely ancient glass paints – i think we got these for a project for the kids when they were about 5 or 6, they are now 13 and 15.
Many have become separated  stringy and some even unusable  but in the interests of reducing wastage (as we all should, in the interests of giving future generations the best start possible), I didn’t just want to throw them out. So i thought i’d salvage what i could. I’m not really  into glass painting at the moment, but i have been wanting to try some mini art in atc form. 
I’ve recycled some old game cards from the ‘ain’t wanted’ pile (this is always growing – if you have ‘faddy’ teenagers, you’ll know what i mean). I’ve covered them in old book pages ( i gave up counting the old books i have to use up when i hit 270 – there was still more to count, they take up a very large section in the loft)
Ii decided to use up the glass paints to provide a base colour over these very yellowed pages, the drying draw on my desk shows 9 atc’s all shiny with ‘newish’ paint – there are another 6 draws like that in the rack – so i guess i’ll be kept busy for a while.
The additional work space on the right of my desk has its very own recycling project going on  – an old annual from the ‘ain’t wanted’ pile, which i will be developing as a journal. Its in semi-permanent residence here, so i can adhere all those little scraps and off-casts to it straight away (rather than producing yet another pile, somewhere else, for me to deal with later). I have found that it also comes in really handy for cleaning my stamps and paintbrushes off too. 
The very messy piece of glass painted paper in the middle of the desk, was my rough paper underneath my atc painting. When its dry, it too shall be adhered to a page in my wip journal, to become a background for further work. 
enjoy, love and cyber hugs, see you again soon

Anything goes – belligerent creativity

oh I so didn’t feel like being creative today. Everything including the sunshine was telling me to go into the garden. its been so cold here in the U.K, spring has definitely  not sprung.
I have no choice, its my parents-in-laws wedding anniversary on the weekend and I already have a fully booked day tomorrow, and there’s nothing left in the card box – (that’s how low my creativity has been over the last year!)..so something had to be created…but i hate doing it when it feels so forced and constrained!
Here’s the results…

nothing spectacular I’m afraid, I’ve used a very old rose stamped with staz-on and coloured with copic markers. After masking it off, I’ve stamped script with distress stains. I’ve used my nifty corner scissors, and mounted it on green paper, and shaped this with some more nifty scissors. (sorry I would go upstairs to the  bed/craft-room and check names out, but hubbie is already fast a kip as he has an early start.) I’ve further mounted this on pink check and red card from my scrap pile.
On the card base I have stamped leaves in two shades of green whispers ink, with and Anita’s stamp.

I’ve stamped the greeting with black staz-on, cut out, shaping with same nifty corner scissors, then coloured and bordered with distress markers (my yummy new supplies – must get some more of those!), and some ancient and nearly dead gel pens. After having mounted everything and spending ages hunting through my base cards box, I realize there is no envelope to match the size of the card. So now I have to make that also. I chosen some rather snazzy monochromatic floral 12 x 12 paper, and cut and stuck to the appropriate size.

Having started out the day so belligerent at being forced into creativity, its sparked a bit of a bug in me today. I’ve got lots of yummy left overs, and I don’t want them to be just the beginning of yet another pile in my house, So I’ve hunted out an old annual that  I presume my children have finished scrawling all over – it will sit next to my desk, where I can paste all those yummy bits to it, and when its all full up it will be my next altered journal.  I’ve also gone through a pile of UFO’s sitting in various piles, and begun to finish these, to be featured in future publications.

I think i might try my luck at entering a few challenges. ftfe (first time for everything).tuesday alchemy’s#52 – anything goes, seems to fit the bill. I am also entering the oldie but a goodiechallenge -feeling-floral.

Hope this creative rush doesn’t  vanish too soon.
Bye for now, cyber hugs and love…

woyww 197

I think a better question might be … what’s not on your work desk .. since everything seems to of congregated there again. if your’e in the dark and need to find out more or  want to join the woyww party click here.

what’s not on my desk is my manilla folders that are currently being re-flattened by some very heavy books to get all the kinks out before they are finished. I have managed to squeeze in a bit of work   time on three of them.
Here are the results

iv’e used some star peel-off’s on the right hand side and gesso d over it to produce some texture. i’ve also used gesso with the big spotty stamp (hero arts – holiday baubles). The lady in yellow is an illustration from an old book, which i’ve coloured with soft pastel. I’ve stamped ‘grim reaper’ (stamp identity unknown) and a funny little jester man (stamp unknown), and placed a rose sticker in the bottom right. Still needing some work but set aside to dry.

 I’ve used  some stamps from Paper Artsy’s ‘fancy dress’ set , they remind me of my nieces when they were growing up. I’ve also stamped my build a doll set (source unknown) onto some very old bathroom tile stickers  and cut these out, and punched the circles from the same sticker sheet. And used up some of my ever growing pile of stickers, and stamped a ‘row of dolls’ (source investigation underway), in gesso.

For this last one iv’e mostly used rub-on’s and peel-off’s. iv’e also punched some spots from some old wrapping paper. 
Hope to get back to these soon to get them finished. In the mean time i have to go put a new zip in my nieces jeans, as she apparently doesn’t know how!!!
catch you again soon
have a nice day
cyber love and hugs

creative everyday – well almost

As you can probably gather from the title, the target of being creative everyday was not quite meet. but i was only a few days short. The weekends are always full of refereeing teenage arguments, trying to convince them to get off Skype and do some homework, and doing all the prep to get them back out the door on Monday morning, so that leaves little time or energy for creativity. And there seems little point in even trying on these days as any ‘spare time’ is short lived and so frequently interrupted that it just becomes too annoying to even bother.

Too much stash too handle

I have spent most of last couple of months trying to get a handle on reorganising stash, as it seems to just be all over the house. The problem is that there is simply too much to handle. I can never find the one thing I am looking for, and forget about a lot of other stuff I could be using because it is hidden in a pile or boxed away in the loft.
So I’ve come to the conclusion that I need to limit my immediate choices to some purposely contained spaces and equipment.  This week I’ve been working on reducing all the magazine cuttings and paper emphera that I’ve been saving for I don’t know how long. There are a folders and boxes full of pages already torn out and stashed, and many more magazines to read and salvage from.

creativity getting organized

this is my current solution, I know its not very arty – yet, but I figure it will become more so with time. I have sectioned it off like this…
Most sections speak for themselves, the sketches section will be where all my sons and daughters scrappy sketches go, instead of on the floor – which is where they like to put them – i rescue them and keep them for journal additions (providing they haven’t stuck them to anything nasty). There is also a  section at the front for stickers, rub-ons and decals. I shall be filing accordingly what i can fit within each section, and that’s the limit of my choices for my art journals till it needs refilling. 

creative nearly everyday

Now you might be thinking  ‘where’s the creativity in that?’ And granted its a fair question, well in amongst the sorting and rummaging through all those magazine cuttings, I’ve come across a lot of words on the remaining parts which i  would usually put in the recycling, i also found lots of stickers which no longer wanted to remain on there backing papers. So instead of sending them all to the trash, or allowing them to become another uncontrollable pile in another corner of the house I’ve taken all those little words and misbehaving stickers and turned them into this….
My diy ransom washi tape (how to’s to be released in future publications). If you check out my earlier posts your’ll find some further creative time slots squished in, i’ve also been doing Kelly Kilmer’s ten minute art challenge (part 12 and 3 of mine here), and hope to release the finale soon. There’s also a  woyww slot showing my first attempts at mono printing.
ok thats it for now, i bet your exhausted reading all that, time for a cuppa!
enjoy and see you again soon.

ten minute art part 3

hi there everyone, thanks for stopping by
this is a continuation of the ten minute art challenge from Kelly Kilmer, here is my part 3 page

I don’t think its moved on that much, but I’ve livened up the rather flat blue and green sections, which i really didn’t like (had real trouble with the water colours drying up my pens- so it took a while!) I’ve also emphasized the flowers blousiness and the outlines of the deer in black marker , and gone over the wording ‘deer damage’ and ‘wood nymph’ with a  orange posca marker.
Ting….Times up
sorry must of been daydreaming today!!
see you again soon for the next installment.

Ten minute art: part 2

Continuing with the ten minute art challenge from Kelly, this is my second session:

 I have painted in water colour the top right section in blue, and the bottom left section in green. these colour’s look flat, and i don’t like them – yet. I have gone over the cut out butterflies and birds in a big black marker. I am relatively new to art journaling  the few pages that i have done so far have the journaling hidden underneath – i’m challenging myself to put it somewhere more open with this page (even if its so scruff it’s illegible (thinking on it that’s probably the best way for it to be!))..i digress…soz… so I’ve drawn in some journaling lines, in marker, as a guide – they follow the shape of the flower and deer .

Ting… what times up already!!!
Next installment coming soon.


I have been a fan of Kelly Kilmer for a while now, i read her blog regularly. A recent blog entitled ‘getting over the fear of not having the perfect image’ kinda hit some home truths with me. My whole house is full to the brim with pillaged but unused art supplies because of a lack of conviction on my behalf. I have a head full of doubting gremlins who tell me i ‘shouldn’t put that there’, ‘its in the wrong place’ or ‘well that was just a waste’, Every time iv’e tried to be creative, especially over the last year or so – they’ve been there to block and torment me, to the extent that in most instances iv’e left my desk not creating anything.
My recent endeavors in blog land stem from a personal need to overcome my disabling doughting gremlins, i feel it will be a long struggle to get back to the ‘artist’, (i use this term loosely)  i used to be, who could create at the drop of a hat, without having to justify every single notion that entered my creative head.
Kelly’s article really helped to clarify things in my head – i’m totally trying to be more responsive to my art muse  rather than my gremlins although at this moment in time they still have a tight strangle hold around here neck.
 My continued reading of Kelly’s blog and her recent series on ten minute art has inspired me to see how much i can get done in that time scale – once I’ve locked the gremlins away!

 This is my first ten minute session. I’m recycling one of my children’s abandoned reading books, so I’ve begun the page with gesso. I’ve trawled through some images I’ve been  saving for ‘that special place’ (whilst telling myself it does not exist! Thanks for the help with this Kelly) and placed a big blousie   flower (this represents the artist i once was). I found the deer and Deer damage wording on another page – i was saving, and felt it appropriate for my current feelings about my doubting gremlins, so i stick both these images to the page. I’ve also stuck some butterflies cutouts and a bird one in the top right (which you cant really see yet as its white and on gesso… Ting….Times up !!

hope to continue my ten minute art time very soon!
bye for now.


Sorry i forgot to play last week. here’s this weeks desk

ok not alot going on your thinking. The truth of it is my current project is creatively organizing my house. I’m really fed up with my presence being constantly required for kitchen duties instead of playing with art, so i’m determined to free up some time. I’ve been scouring the internet for meals i can prepare ahead of time – and put together quite a collection. So I can stay organized iv’e purchased a nice big file holder, printed off lots planning sheets for menu planning and shopping lists. I thought the manila files i bought to hold everything together a tab boring though, so i thought i’d have a go at spucing them up. I have attempted some mono printing on them – i’ll show you in a minute. What you see on my desk is the result of yesterdays purge of my art hoard (it is a hoard – not a stash, since so many of them have remained unused – because their too precious, though technically they were buried under laundry- not in the ground – but i still think it counts). The first box is filled to the brim with stamps sets (some new, naughty me, some old but unused, even naughtier me!!) , mediums, punches, and colour’s (pastels and pens and inks). The biscuit tin is full of old papers,book pages,stickers, rub-on’s,   lace, ribbons and tapes. Underneath it is a box full of botanical stamps from my UOL (use-it or loose-it) pile, waiting to be rescued. I have boxed it all up to bring downstairs, as i cant even fit one manila folder on my desk to work on, so i am going to have to pinch the dinning table again, and try to fit it in in-between meals, and hope that the cat doesn’t want to sit on it whilst its wet!

I promised to show the results of my mono printing session, so here it is

I’m not entirely sure it was very successful, but it produced a starting point for further work. I’ve not tried mono-printing before, and was limited by supplies, as my kids have been at the acrylic paints again. I’ve seen a lot of people jelly printing  lately, which is what sparked it off, although i had no jelly – so i did it the old fashioned way and used a sheet of glass.  The combination of glass and acrylics means you have to work quite quickly, as my daughter found out. She started out o.k did several practice prints fine, moved on to try it on the manila folder – spent some time dreaming on Tracey Beaker or some other kiddy tv nonsense – tried to lift her folder, only to find it some what stuck to the glass. Ho hum, such is life – hope it hasn’t put her off too much, the idea was to inspire some creativity as she’s been a bit ‘down in the dumps’ lately.
If you want to see what everybody else’s desks are like this week head on over to the stamping ground for the big list, i’m sure by this time of day there’s lots to explore.
thanks for popping by, see you again soon.