First an apology for my absence last week, it was school hol’s (yet again) so i was up to my elbows in teenage arguments, again! I cant believe i missed ate atc swap special, may one day get around to planning ahead for these things! Secondly, are you sure you want to see this ???

yes its the usual messy aftermath of crafty bewilderment.
The mission for tidy house continues, general mess is well on its way to charity shops ect, but my mission to complete ufo’s does not go well. Having regained my crafty mojo i find the ufo pile grows larger on a daily basis, with half finished projects and arty experiments. Determined to do something about it i took some of the cards (i think they may have been destined for the ATC stash, until the up-cycle fairy hit), i added abit of this and that (making good use of my newly created acrylic sprays, and a stash of mini cereal boxes, and new sewing station), and created this
my first mini hand bound journal.
Unfortunately it still resides in the  UFO pile. I was about to take up the challenge of my first book binding session, when i discovered my beeswax in a crumbly  pile (due to age), so couldn’t coat my embroidery threads, then when i reached for my tool box, discovered my awl  had met a fate worse than death – ‘disfigurement by husband’ – must really get a padlock for my toolbox!!lol. So this little book still awaits binding, i  have sent for beeswax(which arrived quickly and new awl (since my home-town shops are a bit useless at having anything crafty in them) via internet and despite the awl add saying ‘next day delivery’ i’m still waiting a week later.
in the mean time I’ve created a couple more book covers – again i think the initial art work was destined for the ATC pile till i spotted its new potential.
since i have yet to cut pages for these two, i’d better go dig out the rather cumbersome paper stash, and sift through it for some suitable materials.
so ta ta for now
love and cyber hugs
see you soon
p.s don’t forget to pop by Julia’s  and hop around some more creative desks


woyww 207 : crafty aftermath and crafty bargins


It has been tidied in between projects( i promise). I’ve joined 21 secrets this year  (just to get the mojo up and running), and i’m learning lots of techniques for delightful backgrounds and journal page production. Unfortunately they don’t seem to be quite making it into my journal yet, i’m having too much fun recycling all the bits and pieces i’ve found whilst fulfilling the ‘tidy house quest’.
I’ve also managed to clear enough space to move the hoards of paper that were stashed under my desk, so i now have space for my feet, and i must say  its delightful not having  to do the contortionists  routine when i want to sit and craft there.

This week i’ve been working on recycling some of the plethora of abandoned games cards (my kids have outgrown), and using some of my newly learnt 21 secrets inspiration i’ve produced these:
20130518_171144 20130518_171128 20130518_171159 20130516_144116 20130521_144051 20130518_171106

during my tiding i also found some little tree toppers i made a while back, they felt a bit incomplete by themselves so i add a further background and some wording to them to make these:
Not entirely sure what all these bits will become .. maybe cards or journal covers, or maybe just pretty things to put in a journal. But as you can see a busy crafting week, and my desk shows the  aftermath.
Now for the crafty bargains, those of you that read my blog regularly will remember that last week i proclaimed my dislike at some extremely cheep acrylic paints. And that i turned all the cheepo paints into sprays and began work on a collage page – this is how it turned out
 Well i think that destiny must have a different purpose for me and acrylic paints.On my desk, next to my banksy box you will see a small cardboard box, its marked artist acrylic paints, and i found it whilst at the local charity shop making donations out of all those bits and pieces we no longer need, and i don’t have time, tools ar energy to recycle . I couldn’t believe the price they had it at. 11 large tubes of acrylic paint, not top brand but certainly more than i can usually afford, for a mere £10 – i just had to snap that up. When i got home i totted up the true costing ….. £45 worth of hopefully gorgeous paint, and in all my favourite colours … what more could i ask for… hmm perhaps some inspiration for what to paint….. keep watching this space !!!!

For anyone wondering what woyww is all about you can find out  more at  stamping ground’s blog where our delightful host will reveal all.

thanks all for visiting my little cyber space,
ta ta for now,
love and cyber hugs and happy woyww!

woyww 206

for those of you wondering what this post is all about go here to find out more, otherwise, grab a cup-pa – and here it is :-

hum, this desk looks suspiciously tidy!!! – how on earth did that happen???

ok news for this week  – i decided i definitely didn’t like those acrylic paints, after having come across several  very greasy colours that just kept spoiling the work, ok they were an incredibly cheep brand and i should of known better, but i decided rather than chucking them, i’d invest in some spray bottles and try them in a different way. so as you can see my ‘banksy’ box is now over loaded with acrylic sprays.

 I’m holding all the arty u-tube folk responsible for this,  they produce such lovely work using spays – i just wanted to join in. Central on the desk is my first spray-collage in progress – just playing with a few of my new spays (note to self: consistency not quiet right yet- need to  work on that), i’ll show you how the collage progressed  in a minute.

On the ‘quest for tidy house’ front all is going well so far, (fingers crossed i havn’t just jinxed it). I’ve cleared lots of unwanted clutter from house and loft, lots being donated to local charity shop. cant quite belief how many cardboard boxes i have stashed in the loft, far too many to ever be useful – so lots of recycling to be done over the next few months (yes there really are that many!).

Every box i go into seems to hold more and more art and collage supplies. Stickers, rub-ons, peel-offs, transfers, emphera, decoupage sheets, magazine cuttings – you name it i’ve probably got it, but i can never find the right piece when i want it, so some organization is needed. Regualar readers will remember this:


my little black file for collage/ journal pieces.  its simply not big enough!!! its been upgraded to this –


ok its not very pretty jet (something else to work on) but didn’t cost a penny and used up lots of redundant files that were otherwise filling up my loft.

i’ve also managed to make room for this :


my new sewing station. long storey short – before the depression hit me last year, i was intending to teach myself free-motion embroidery. i had set up a really nice sewing table, but my kids managed to break there desk, and my sewing table became its replacement. The machine i wanted to use for this is a vintage semi-industrial machine. It only has two stitches (straight and zigzag) but its able to handle quite a  variety and thickness of material, unlike my more modern machine which to be quite frank is a bit of a whimp when it come to any real work!!! But because it is soooooo heavy i really don’t like to move it about too much, and because the house is in disarray i usually end up using all my creative time hunting numerous boxes, just to find the basics of threads and needles.  so i’ve taken time out this week to put all the basic sewing essentials together in one place, its still not ideal, i think its a little shorter than i need it, and its still very small, but it has to do for the moment. It does at least come on wheels, so i can push it out of the way when not in use, and move it right under the light on these dark gloomy uk days (that is once i’ve freed it from its surrounding boxes).

which brings me back to this:


my first spray collage (you saw on my desk earlier). I’m re-using some old note paper as a base (my old collage notes – another find in the loft), i’ve sprayed and stencilled  it with my new acrylic sprays, i’ve stamped and water coloured, and adhered papers ect. And because the base paper is quite light weight and i want to stitch next, i have backed it with some garden fleecing. I could of used, interfacing or a light  weight cotton, but i found lots of small scraps of garden fleece on my tidy up, so have put them to use. And this is its current state – sat drying awaiting stitching – if only i could remember how to operate this machine!! lol

ta ta for now

love and cyber hugs




woyww 205

just a quickie post this week, if your wondering what its all about go here for the details, but otherwise here it is :-

oh how that ‘messy fairy’ loves playign at my desk – wish she’d invite cousin ‘tidy’ over more often!!!
As you can see its an array of clutter again, stamp-pads, glues and markers – but seemingly none of the things i actually need to hand, as I’ve spent half an hour searching around for my tacky glue, which  i think has probably been whisked away by ‘loose-it fairy’ (that would be my daughter, so that will never be seen again!!) I gave up on the tacky glue quest eventually, and used some rather ancient glue dots i discovered on the way. At the front of the desk you can probably just make out the butterflies they are ‘fingers-crossed’ holding on my latest card. Here’s a close up shot just in case…

here’s another one i created earlier this week
That’s it for now as i’m in the midsts of trying to de-clutter my house yet again – i fear i will never succeed in this quest – but no-one can say i haven’t tried!!!
ta ta, love and cyber hugs



woyww 204

excuse the latness of this post – time obviously  flies when your having fun. this is my current desk :

yes its a sorry state yet again, but whats new?
Newly organized desk seems to work so far, but i shall let you know if there are any more disasters. front and center is my calender jounal, i am a little late with my may page, but i’m working on it, shall post it in all its glory asap.
Canvas from last week is coming on slowly
i had intended to leave the background mostly white, but i really didn’t like it, so out came the trusty turquoise, just love that colour. Just need to fill in some white detailing, make storage pockets, and add hook.
its slow work and is constantly being interrupted by other projects, not least the clearing out – i’m almost at a point where i can get to my desk without having to move half a tonne of other stuff – dont celebrate yet, i said nearly (off course i still have the loft to clear!)
A constant but delightful interruption to all things cleaning and organizing, is my impromptu crafting, you see the trouble with cleaning is you re-find all those supplies you forgot you had.
on the opening of one box, i was presented with so sad little stickers (not so sticky anymore, due to there age), they were christmas orrientated, and since the weather seemed to match i took a crafting break to make something of these little stickers before they lost all there original appeal. thus….
….some nifty little christmas tags and a new crafting obsession. keep watching there are lots more tagalicious posts to come.
dont forget all the other desks – check them out at the stamping ground’s blog
bye for now
love and cyber hugs


woyww 203 – the end of extra long winter blues

sorry i’ve been mia for a couple of weeks, i allowed the extra long winter blues, and teenage zombie land to get to me (it being easter hols, and them only ever having energy for arguments – since they ran out of chocolate, or possibly because they had too much chocolate !!) It has  taken most of my energy just to crawl out of bed in the morning, leaving little for anything else. Now that spring has finally decided to make an appearance, i thought my desk probably should too!!! For those of you wondering what its al about head over to julia’s blog, she will explain all.
For those of you that know my desk, you may be noticing some changes, not only did the prolonged winter effect me, but it caused some disasters to my stamping stash. I was storing a lot of my clear and unmounted stamps in the cd racks at the back of my desk, but over the winter (presumably because there too close to a heat source) some of my clear stamps have become rather jellified   some are incredibly difficult to remove from the cases, some have even ripped in two in the process, so things had too be changed around yet again.
Because a lot of the original packaging has vanished in the mists of stash-land, i had to spend two entire days over a stamp-pad and laminator re-housing them all. They now live on laminated sheets, stacked in plastic shoe boxes in a cupboard beside my desk. I figured that if they are on a flat surface even if they become unmoveable again i can still stamp with them on the sheet.
 Some advantages to this process. 1. i  have managed to empty second desk draw of all ‘un-housed’ stamps. 2. all larger stamp sets have been put back together. 3. cupboard having been cleared out and claimed as stamp and stencil store, has four completely empty boxes for me to fill up with yummy new stamps and stencils.
disadvantages to this process . 1. backache ( i thing i need a stretching rack before i develop a hunchback). 2. having cleared and reclaimed cupboard i have to find homes for all its prior contents.
So, on my desk  for the moment at least, i have filled the cd racks with my chipboard and fussy cut decoupage pieces (to the right), the central two racks have my coloured pens (all varieties, from copics, gel pens, distress markers, and crabby kiddie pens, all sorted into brand and colours, so i can see where the gaps are). The left hand rack, nearest the heating (which will hopefully remain off for the time being) has a few cases filled with die cutters, but is mostly empty – oh looks like a good excuse to go buy some more.
Front and centre on my desk is the first of my storage canvases i am currently working on , which will eventually fill an ugly wall space to the side of my desk. I’m not sure its going in the same direction as my original thought on it, and I’ve had to re-work some parts several times due to some very greasy acrylic paint (that would be the pink section) – now i know why i decided before that i didn’t like acrylic paints (hmm… got loads of those – may have to try them as spray’s, see if its an improvement!!!). Still lots of glitter paint, stitching and hooks to add to these before there finished, so i better go get on with it before another school holiday befalls us and i’m in teenage zombie land again.
ta ta for now
love and cyber hugs


Woyww 201 -life’s too short to be bitter

Ever have one of those moments when you feel like you’ve just got slapped in the face? ?? Let me begin by explaining that my announcement yesterday as design team member at tuesday alchemy is to be rather short lived, as i’ve since discovered the site is now to close.I was rather looking forward to working with some like minded creative people, but it seems it is not my destiny. Its fine, I get the whole  ‘life moves on’ thing, different people, different priorities ect, but having said that I’m wondering why ask people to commit for the next six months if you have no intention of keeping it yourself. But that aside, decisions made, not much I can do about that, but what slapped me so hard was the fact that I  had spent time over the last month fitting in card creations for said design team, and yet when  I scroll down  the page on the ta site, what do I find – certainly not my card, or even  my name with a link to my page – now that’s just bad manners as far as I can see. So ‘im sitting here now wondering ‘what was  the *******  point of that fruitless little exercise’  – anyone else out there get that thought?… ho hum, such is the way of life.

As the tittle says -life’s too short to be bitter , its most defiantly too short for all the creativity stuck in my head, my muses filling system is begining to bulge, and about to explode its so full – so i think it may be time to let her out. That said I shall chalk it up to experience and move on with the bushiness of the day,  please forgive my little rant – I just had to let it out

Our much nicer host at  the stamping ground   enquires into the state of our desks every week. As you can see mine is somewhat tidier than usual. In the top left you can just see the edge of a rack that’s been hanging round my house, tripping everybody over for about the last six months since I brought it home from the local charity shop. I thought it was time to give it a better job, so I’ve given it a lick of paint to brighten its tone (it was a rather dull fake wood colour), and employed as a stamp stand for (just some)  of my regularly used wood mounted stamps.
Those of you who have visited my desk before may of noticed this …..


….Yes its a rather ugly blank wall, which I want to fill just to brighten the ugly corner. Trouble being its placement, because my craft space is so small, and constantly spilling over, around the rest of the house, I like to fill blank available spaces with storage facilities, yet here, in this spot anything too big would interfere with my lp storage unit  and its trays.

Solutions, solutions ???…My muse has been shouting at me to do something with the three canvases sat on the top of the wardrobe ( another charity shop purchase). They had some ugly print on them, but at £1 each one cant complain, and I figured at the time that some gesso would sort that out. So in answer to WOYWW question – three 60 x 30 cm canvases, primed with lots of gesso, and awaiting the attention of both creative and ingenuity  muses to turn them into something more pleasing with a storage twist -wish me luck!!!

just in case your thinking plain white canvases aren’t that creative i’ve also done this

my april 2013 calender page for the the kathryn wheel calender challenge.
thanks for popping buy
love and cyber hugs


Tuesday Alchemy #CH54 – Garden Gold


I am delighted to announce my arrival on the design team at Tuesday Alchemy, there are many new members and I look forward to working with both old and new.
For this fortnights challenge the dt was asked to include garden and golden elements in their projects.
the sponsors and prizes for this challenge are:
bugaboo stamps – 7 digital images
l e j designs – 4 digital images
please see tuesday alchemy site for rules and regs and join in the fun,where  there will be a link for you to enter a link to your creations.
here is mine

i have used a sponsors image ‘blossom cluster cherry branch’ by adayfordaisies.com, which i drew onto acetate, and coloured i with distress markers and posca pens. I have used a stamp set  by Heidi Grace called ‘Wild Daisy Road’.  The small flower cluster from this set was used to edge the acetate front. It was also used in the background along with the large daisy stamp, and the wording ‘memories’.

I chose the cherry blossom image as it reminds me of my dad who was a woodsman and adored cherry trees. I have put golden arched windows in the background as they remind me of his uncanny ability to always find an old ruin to poke his nose around, wherever he went – he was always very inquisitive.

the background is stamped and coloured with distress stains on water colour paper and mounted on gold card  (although that’s hard to see because of the shine on the acetate.)

i hope this  provides some inspiration for this challenge and look forward to seeing all your creations.

woyww 200

Ok here it is, my still messy desk for those of you who are glutens for punishment, if you don’t know what we’re all going on about take a look at julia’s blog, she’ll explain it all. Apologies for my lateness.


miracle upon miracle, my desk actually has some work space on it – ok its only about  12 x 12, but i might just be able to fit in a particular project i have to work on this morning. I cant say much at the moment, as its hush hush just at the minute – but seeing as i have managed to silence the teenagers (with a chocolatey box of cereal) for five minutes i will get on with it. Hopefully i will have it done pronto before they start up again, and you will have to pop back on Tuesday afternoon when i can reveal all.

in the mean time here are a couple of cards i created a month or so ago which i don’t think have been published before

20130208_143642 20130208_143703

 there not much, but represent my leap back into the  art world after a long depressing creative block. I was really only playing about with odds and ends, and trying to remember what bit of stash does what – i still need to work on that!!!


woyww 199

Happy WOYWW, welcome to all, not sure why you keep popping by to see this mess, but i’m glad you do, here’s my mess for this week -199.


Ok, i know it needs a good clean up. But i was waiting for the invisable fairy my husband thinks clean the rest of the house – oh yes, thats right it’s me ! Ok frount and center of the very messy desk is my melting pot. Ive had it for a bit, and never got round to use it. So this week ive filled it with bees wax, and done some euncastic work -see the first atc below. My skills at this are quit crewed, but im hopein to spend more time at this, and eventually develope my technique.
want to see everybody else’s desks or just want to find out what we’re all going on about – hop on over to the stamping ground to find out more.

Last week I found some old game cards from the ‘aint wanted’ pile, some old book pages from the ‘too many to count’ pile, and some extremely ancient, separated and stringy glass paint from the ‘waiting for the perfect project’ pile – as you can probably tell my house still resembles ‘hoarders paradise’ with all its various piles of stash. Now much as I’d like to just say to hell with it all, and hire a very big skip, or two, or three – my nan brought me up to be thrift conscious and kind to the planet, and it remains stuck in my head – so i though i’d combine all those ingredients, and form my very first ATCs.

this is how they looked last week


i’ve been working on a few at a time, as and when i can fit it in, being ‘creative everyday’ to meet the challenge, and these are the first  three in the ‘just messin’ series, aptly named cos that’s what i’m doing – just messin and playing about.

Atcs just messin 1 2 3

on the first one (to the left), i’ve stencilled with acrylics, added napkin decoupage, felt triangles and rub-ons – all held together with some bees wax and a little posca highlighting. the other two have been stamped with staz-on, and coloured with some rather nice ‘newly acquired’ smooch inks – i can see me requiring some more of those, they are a joy too work with – they work wonderfully over the glass paints (could be needing more of those as well now !!!) (so much for ‘using-up’ the stash.. lol) .I Still need to fill in the details on the back, but i think there ok-ish for my first ATC’s,

Our lovely meme host Julia,  is holding an anniversary celebration  ATC swap party on the 29th may – week 208 – hmm should i be joining  in ???