WOW- has it been a long time since i was here? around 40 woyww’s by my count. Many personal disasters attributed to this, but I shan’t bore you with the details, all is well currently and I’m keeping my fingers well and truly crossed, and ‘touching wood’ and all that jazz for a prosperous future!

So your wondering what my current desk look like are you? – you must be mad, but here it isDSC_0011I think the more appropriate question would be “where is my desk?” As you can see this area, my ‘cold-desk’ {where everything not involving a flame, kiln or oven happens} is still suffering from ‘post christmas blues’, so for this Wednesday, whats on , under, and around my desk is going to have to come off  and away from it, yes you guessed it – its tidy time- hold your breath, ill have it done in two shakes of a tail feather-

DSC_0013ta-da – see told you!

Whilst on the tidy rampage, i came across these


a couple of  little leather carving’s  practise i squeezed in before christmas took over. Yes, yet another craft to add to my repertoire,  practise is still in the very early stages, but its looking like a habitual resident in my craft room already!

And since i’ve made a rule outlawing the practise of leaving the ‘cold-desk’ without actually accomplishing anything (either new, or off a pre-existing ‘to-do list’ (of which there are many), i spent some time filling some moulds with some metal clays that have been hanging around for ever –


I hope to be able to find my kiln  (which is currently hiding downstairs, in another pile of  ‘christmas aftermath’) in the next couple of weeks. who know’s i might even get to firing it up- if i feel brave enough – i am currently suffering from ‘first use nerves’! Does anyone else suffer from this?

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apologies if you go wandering round my site -only to fine empty pages- i have recently moved to wordpress and am still learning my way around, i hope to have it all in place soon!

love and cyber hugs

Hello world!

Howdie all,

I know its been along time since i was here, and now i’m somewhere completely new. I have moved everything over to wordpress, and its  a steep learning curve, so if anything is not quite working let me know, and have patients in the knowledge that i am working on ironing out all the wrinkles.

Hope to speak with you all soon,

Ta Ta for now,

Love and cyber hugs

WOYWW 305 ufo’s

Howdy all,
Just a flying visit today, as I am still in recovery- My work desk has been swamped with laundry again, so as usual i have abandoned it for a less cluttered and  depressing area, so here is my current project

Last friday i gave you a sneak peak at  the third in my painting series for the 100 artworks challenge.
Here is the piece so far,

Truthfully I am struggling with this piece, all was going well until i was struck down with norovirus the other week, but since then this piece point blank refuses to go in any direction i try taking it. Despite all my best efforts i just can’t finish it,  so although i don’t like doing it – i am forced for the time being at least to chuck it on the u.f.o pile ( i may return to it at a later date), but for now it’s complete lack of co-operation is flustrating me.

As you can see from my ‘desk photo’ i am already on the next project, i’m hoping it will be more cooperative, i intend it to be the beginning of some mixed-media jewellery pieces  i want to create, ill keep you posted on those.

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Ta Ta for now,

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C U soon.



Howdy all,

so here is painting no 2 of my 100-artworks-challenge  collection.

 ‘Fun house on murky waters’  is in oils on unstretched canvas, and measures 5×6 inches. This is only my second oil painting, i’m still working out how to manipulate these paints in the way that i want, which i figure could take years- so don’t hold your breath!.
I found all the roof angles rather challenging on this piece, it may of been improved if I had sketched it out first but since my head likes to work backwards, and i really felt like i just had to start painting or it wouldn’t happen, the sketching came afterwards, – so here it is-

If you read my last post your’ll know that painting no.3 has been waylaid by the dreaded ‘norovirus’ from which i am slowly recovering, i hope to have it finished soon, but given that children are now under foot as well ( coz of easter hols) not to sure when that will be.

Happy Paint Party Friday, dont forget to check what everyone else is up to via the paintpartyfriday blog and Happy Easter to you all,

Ta ta for now
love and cyber hugs,
c u soon!


and 2 0f ‘100 artworks challenge.

Howdy all,


Why is it  that just when you think everything is going according to plan, something ugly pokes its head around the corner and slaps you back down. I was just getting on a role with the 100 artworks challenge, and getting back into the swing of blogging and posting when the very ugly  ‘norovirus’ swept around the corner and wiped out the entire household , consequently i haven’t been up to much in the art department last week.Trying to get back on track this week is slow progress as all the household chores are now backlogged (and  i’m still not 100% over it) , but i strived to clear most of this over the weekend so i did manage to make a start on the third painting briefly today,  You might spot the oil paints in the bottom left corner of the desk, the rest of the days work is on a more portable unit,which houses my table-easel, this way i can position it for the best lighting – which in the space i am working in (part of my bedroom)  is always problemattic.  here is a sneak peek at the work in progress
not much to look at at the moment, but its in development, as are my skills at manipulating oil paints. I must say I am rather enjoying them as a medium, so they may take up permanent residence in my art kit, having started out as a scrapbooker and card crafter, i’m still refining all my fine art paraphernalia, i’m fortunate enough to have a few local charity shops which regularly have art equipment donated to them, and which they sell  at a better than knock down price, i am extremely grateful to both donor and  shop, for enabling my artistic transitions.
i hope to be back on top form soon, and will post the completed no2 of 100 artwork challenge on friday,
hope to see you all then
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Taking up the challenge…..

Howdy all,

Over at artistwriterdreamer.comKellee Wynne Conrad has set out a challenge and I have accepted in the hope it will keep me motivated to produce the art i really want to. Its not to late to join in, there are already over 200 of us on this challenge, so you will be in good company
I have set the following parameters which i will try to adhere to without flouting  :
 The pieces will be ‘paintings’, with a variety of media (as I have an ever growing collection that needs a purpose). But mostly oils as i haven’t ever used these and would like to get to know them. . I will restrict the size of the pieces to no larger than A4.  So they are manageable and i  can finish then relatively quickly. I don’t want the  ufo pile to grow any larger. There will be a variety of substrate – as i have all sorts  hiding  around the house . And my main mission on this challenge is to get back into the artwork production swing, and work out exactly where my artistic heart lies!!!


This is no.1 of 100 ‘paintings’  for this challenge, i have called it ‘champignon brun’. Its in oil, painted on a 5 x 6 inch unstretched canvas .
 Given that i haven’t painted in a  subjective way since i left school i’m quite pleased with it , its my first time ever using oil paints so i have a way to go learning all their intricacies.

Linking to    paintpartyfriday and   creativeeveryday


TaTa for now
love and cyber hugs.

well its been a long time since i’ve been here !!!

I’m not even sure that i can remember how it all works !!!

Its been more than  a year (almost two) since I was last here and this post is probably going to feel more like confession!!!
I’m not even sure I remember how to publish, or anything i once knew about layouts, photo links and all the other paraphernalia that accumulates in our heads when we put ourselves  ‘out there’ in the form of a blog. I wish to send my sincere apologies to those of waiting on the next installment of my ‘arty adventures’, and thank-you for your patients in the long wait. so a little catch up…..


…..Life has  kind of stagnated  for me {again!} over the past year, all my plans got waylaid  by the ‘doubting demons’ again. The deep dark  depression they force upon me takes its toll in many guises.
But i am determined to fight my way out of it. I think that despite my best efforts in the past, it lays unresolved because i have only ever tried resolving one thing at a time. My focus from now on has to be in finding my ‘holistic character’, in treating every part of myself in a much better way, so i might give myself a fighting chance to becoming a ‘complete being’.


I began this process back at the end of the summer, starting with physical fitness –  which i have neglected since i was at school.  I’m slowly improving my diet, this process actually began a couple of years ago when i gave up crisps, the year after that i gave up chocolate – yes indeed with no regrets. But this summer has really given me some health problems, so on top of the depression i’ve had to contend with chronic headaches, ibs symptoms, and sinus/allergy issues  and early arthritic symptoms (pins and needles, freezing cold feet – particularly at night/ even on those hot summer nights – and despite wearing triple layered socks – ect, ect).Cant say i particularly  want any of that to continue, so i’ve really had to re-evaluate my everyday – well everything!!


I began with the basics because i believe its all about creating life habits, rather than being on some  fad-diet, so more water less coffee, less sugar, minimize snacking. Next came physical exercise – i began brisk walking to start with, which is  slowly progressing toward   running, i  still have lots of walking intervals but i’m working on that. Just recorded my fastest mile this morning in 10 minutes and 38 seconds, i’m quite pleased with that, and looking forward to seeing my next progression.
Although i love running, given that i live in the uk, and knowing what horrible weather we have i don’t want to be reliant on it for  my only form of exercise, so in the last couple of weeks i’ve began to look at some yoga programs as well, i look forward to seeing my skills here develope as well, and hope that it works its wonders and eliminates all those aches and pains.


i am a creative being at heart, but my creativity often gets thrown to the sidelines when domestic activities overwhelmed, this is something that needs to be resolved as i’d really like to make it a full time career, so this year i’m concentrating more on my art, less on the household chores – this is particularly difficult when the household chores invade my desk space, so this definitely needs working on. i have managed to create a few pages and cards over the last year or so but nothing like the volume i imagined in my head. I have scattered a few of there images throughout this page, (some of  you may of seen them via my instagram) and are saving some others for future posts, which will i hope come sometime very soon.


I have joined LifeBook this year in the hope that it will keep me inspired to create. keep watching for a update on the artwork created from this and #100artsworkchallenge i am taking part in.


tata for now,
love and cyber hugs

WOYWW – little beady people

ok its a quite crafty week since my kids are on holiday and keeping me otherwise engaged, but thought i’d pop by  and let you all see what’s on my work desk —


or not as  desk is a mega mess, and has been exchanged for my  ‘end of the bed workstation’. I’m very slowly working on clearing my house of all the crafty nonsense i’ve collected over the years. i’ve had some little plaster faces sat in a box for – oh so long, along with my ever growing collection of beads. so thought i’d put the two together here’s the results so far —
thinking i might use them as pendent’s or broaches, not sure yet.

on another matter, i’ve been looking for ‘regular’ work for quite some time now- nothing happening there, and getting fed up with the ever dwindling prospects-, so  thinking i might start up some crafty business of my own in the mean time, and wondering has anyone else from the uk had much success with etsy or folsky or similar selling place.  would appreciate opinions on the best places to start!

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love and cyber hugs
see you’all

completely sidetracked – one thing leads to another!!!

oh my – there was i getting really good at regular blogging, when i got completely sidetracked with all the crafty stuff !! its been a number of weeks since you’ve heard from me, but i though i’d better pop in before the impending summer holidays (which are approaching fast, beginning later today in fact) and the bombardment of ‘i’m board’ commentary from my off-spring. this is my desk today —

its the usual clutter of mixed media detritus that befalls me with every creation. but i’m trying to complete some of my earlier pieces, which were held up by the disappearance of my resin. i eventually found it residing the heat-baked loft – which apparently it didnt like, as it had completely baked into a pile of uselessness. I have now aquired some new resin – which i am keeping a sharp eye on (so it won’t befall the same fate)

last visit i began using up some small scraps of fabric that had been gathered over the years and annoying me of late. The idea being to crazy-patch them all together, and embroider with some zentangle like design, to eventually become a bag. This is the current state of the project –


its very slowly moving toward its envisaged destination – but as my title suggest i have been sidetracked by other crafty thoughts, which began when thinking about how to finish this project.

my initial dilemma came about due to a lack of cording for the construction of handles for the bag. my resolution – use up  the wardrobe full of wool from upstairs – but how ??? this question lead to lots of investigation and the eventual acquisition  of some kumihino  disks and bobbins, and lots of u-tube watching  – which has thus far resulted in these —


But lead to yet more questions about  how to finish the braiding, and  how to personalize these little bags and braids even more. i am currently still investigating – the possibilities are endless, but my current favourites are lamp-work beads, metalwork (including fretwork, filigree and chasing and reposing), and enamel work. needless to say all of which involve the acquirement of lots of tools, lots of practise and lots of u-tube videos and library books – watch this space !!!!   .


woyww 211

hi y’all
over the last couple of days i have exchanged my usual desk for kitchen work top, heres what i’m working with …..


i’ve had this box of fabric scraps hanging about and annoying me for a couple of years now. My nan taught me the art of thriftiness when i was very young, and its a habit a rather like to keep, so throwing things out whilst still possibly useful is just beyond comprehension in my head – hence a rather small house, packed to the rafters with all sorts of nonsense.

anyway back to the matter in hand – this box of fabric scraps, most of them little more than edge trimmings, has become particularly annoying recently as i find myself constantly tripping over it no matter where it is put. So I  thought i should probably get on and use some of it up. I found a suitable plain cotton base ( rescued from one of my daughters projects that got half way – and given up on) and am currently patching them all together into a solid piece of fabric. My current thinking is to embroider the top in some kind of zentangle style, and turn it into a barrel bag – but this is not yet set in concrete so may well  change direction.

thats it for today as i am also trying to get my garden cleared up before the forecasted rain and thunder hits, dont forget to check out all the other desks via julia’s delightful site.

ta ta for now
love and cyber hugs
happy woyww