woyww – 382

the title to this post should actually be – wimww? (where is your workdesk wednesday?)

so not much has changed from last time my desk is still this……

20160912_120300…..only ever so slightly worse … its still the house packing area. If you were here a couple of weeks ago you know that i had anticipated moving house by now – but as fate would have it everything has been delayed. I believe we are waiting for social services to rehouse some lovely OAP’s into a care home, so that i can then move into there current house. Who knows how long that mission will take – well we’ve already waited around 8 years to be rehoused – so whats a few more weeks or months – i really hope its sorted  soon so i can move before christmas!!

Still the delay  has given me a slight reprieve from the mad  ‘packing rush’ of the last couple of weeks. I’ve done so much clearing out – and yet still have so far to go. My bins and recycling are constantly packed to the brim, we have managed three runs to the tip – husband under protest – cause apparently it ‘ruins his car’? I’ve done multiple trips to the charity shops swell as advertising load’s of stuff for sale. Rummaging through all the boxes that have been hoarded in my loft for the last eighteen years – you wouldn’t believe how much stuff you can fit in the loft  of a two bed house. I found a lot of magazine cutting and the like, that i had been saving as art reference to work from at some point.  I’m finding many  of them no longer ‘speak to me ‘so i have gifted a lot to the recycling man – i bet his beginning to hate  working down my street!!  I’ve reduced whats left to a couple of small files – I’m keeping these close by me so i can work from them in the next few months. I figured they’d spent enough time being dormant. Thanks to the time reprieve I even managed to squeeze in a little sketch time to make sure i get started on these – before they get overwritten in my brain!!

Here’s the current sketch I’m working on

dsc_0001i’m not  sure if its quite right yet – i’m still working on human proportions and figure-work in general.  Another find whilst clearing out was hundreds of old books ( and i quite literally mean hundreds). I had these sent to me from someone else moving a number of years ago – there are aged and yellow and once i’ve got through reading them?!… they will make  a perfect substrates for some painting work – i love old text pages to work on!

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Ta ta for now

have to go

house clearance is calling me…

love, shaz


  1. Hi Shaz, it’s so annoying when you get a delay. Just had a similar thing happen with my Mom moving into a bungalow, so know what you mean. Indeed, it would be good to get it all out of the way before Christmas. Have a great week, hugs, Shaz #8 xx

  2. Love your sketch! Is that going to turn into a painting later? Hope you can move soon. Nothing worse then being all packed than delayed. zsuzsa #22

    • yes i’m hoping to turn her into a painting, i’m going to be working on small text pages for the moment as my space and time is restricted with everything going on. And I’m wishing i was all packed – still got half a loft, garden shed, and all the day to day belongings of a family of four to go! – I’m sure i will get there eventually.

  3. I’m so glad that we’re not looking to move. I dread to think what there is up in our attic and the thought of leaving my craft shed doesn’t bear thinking about! Hope you get moved and settled in soon. I love the sketch. I have a complete lack of ability when it comes to drawing people so I love to see other people’s work. Sarah #39

    • i’m very much hoping that this move will entail the addition of a craft shed (so i can finally get on without having to battle the laundry that continually lands on my desk), and i too have a complete lack of ability when drawing people – hence the necessary practise -so keep watching theres loads more practise to come !!

  4. The sketch is looking good! Hope the house situation gets sorted soon. Moving house is definitely a time to have a good clear out.

    Have a great week
    Sharon K #41

  5. Hi Shaz! Your sketch looks very good. I’m planning on never moving as I don’t want to pack! Hope it works out for you soon.
    Chris #27

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