WOYWW no.380 -what workspace?

Only got five minutes but didn’t want you thinking I had abandoned you again!

I was definitely  tempting fate when I tried to resolve my discontent with my inadequate workspace all at once. In the beginning i managed to resolve lighting issues ( so I could actually see what i was doing) . Next i sorted desk height issues.  My current desk being  made for a twelve year olden therefore  giving me constant back ache. I even managed  to acquire a reasonable comfortable chair that I could sit on for more than half an hour at a time – Thanks Mum!

So I finally  had a reasonable workspace –

ok I still had to remove half a ton of junk  to get to my desk (but I mastered clearing that in under five minutes) . And it was still so hot in that room it was like  working  in  a ‘devils pit’ – needed to keep a constant fan on just to breath .  But it was my space to use whenever i could free up a little bit of time ….It didn’t last long!!!

Here is my current desk…..

workspace woes

In answer to the above question of – whats on my work desk ?

– well its soon to be the entire contents of my house, including eighteen years of hoarding’s from loft. My desk alas  has  become the house packing area.

Let me explain.  We have very patiently waited for  eight years now, on a council waiting list for a larger property as our children boy and girl have had to share a bedroom. We  had  just about given up all hope of being offered  anything, so had resolved to making the best of what space we had – hence the desk sorting. When suddenly at the end of July things began to look a bit more hopeful.  We were nearing the top of the list ( coming in the top ten instead of top ‘twenty’, or ‘not prioritised’, and then in august being in the top five) .

Suddenly we are getting offers for more suitable accommodation,- although nothing is finalised yet – we are  waiting on key returns and  viewings – but  now with the prospect of moving in only a few short weeks- everything that was planned is ‘up in the air’ once more and  I’m wondering how we get everything moved,  an sorted in such a short space of time.

So my current occupation –

in addition to already managing a household with kids and trying to start an art business  and being everybody’s PA (lol). I am now  ‘manager  of house clearance’.  Cos live obviously wasn’t  busy enough. I’ve pulled a lot of unwanted things from the loft to sell or donate. The amount of rubbish and recycling hidden up there  is unbelievable.  We’ve already filled the car twice over to take it to the tip . And what once was my desk is now a packing area. As jobs go , its defiantly  full-time and intense. And will probable prevent me from getting anywhere with my art for a time.  Most of my art gear is already packed up so i could make some space available for packing boxes . I don’t envisage it being unpacked again for quite some  time!

I have managed to sort a small supply of art things which i will try to keep available. Otherwise i will go mad! – but don’t know realistically how much time i will get to use them, especially in the packing period!  I hope to have enough space in any new accomodations  for a proper  workspace – but only time will  tell, and  it definitely  needs thorough planning. I certainly don’t want  to be making any changes  once its set up,  so I don’t know  when this will be accomplished.

– so watch this space.

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Ta Ta  for now

Love and  cyber hugs,



  1. OOh Shaz, you’ve got it all going on! Still, light at the end of the tunnel and all – an extra bedroom often means extra downstairs room too – hope for a desk space! Am excited and frustrated for you all at once!

  2. Hi Shaz, that is wonderful news on the house front, even if it means the hell of sorting and packing! At least you can sort as you go, and then you’ll only have to move and unpack stuff you know you need. We all seem to accumulate so much stuff in the hopes we will use it one day! Have a great week, Hugs, Shaz #9 xxx

  3. That is good news! Even though I hate moving. It always seems to take me 3 years to settle in to a new place. This place will be longer as we are rehabbing an old farm house while living in it. (I don’t recommend doing this.) Hope everything goes smoothly for you and that you will get some crafty time soon. Happy Wednesday. LisaDV #37

  4. Wonderful news on the house front. I’m another one who hates moving. We did it a LOT when we were first married as hubby was in air force. There are so many different steps to finding a place when you settle in a new base. Good luck with all the sorting. It is a great time for a sort out!

    Have a lovely week
    Sharon K #40

  5. Fingers crossed you get a definite moving date soon. Happy WOYWW. Elaine No. 20

  6. Hi Shaz! I’m keeping my fingers crossed that something bigger’s coming your way! You’ll be packed, sorted & unpacked in no time.
    Chris P #34

  7. I hope you get a new bigger place soon. It always feels good to clean out and reorganize.
    April #33

  8. Hello Shaz how exciting to be moving and Finally getting a larger house. Hope things don’t take to long and all the best this week to you Hugs ~Anne L#5

  9. Wow, Shaz. Sounds as if you have a lot on your plate right now – or the desk as the case may be. Congrats on getting moved up the list. I live by ‘things happen for a reason’. Hang in there! Creative Blessings! Kelly #39

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