WOYWW 375 :dealing with overwhelm

Apologies once again for the impromptu MIA, as my title suggests i am currently overwhelmed by life!

It seems no matter how hard i try to straighten things out ‘destiny’ has other ideas for me. Just as I resolve the issues of one aspect of life and think I’m finally achieving some sort of balance, something else falls out of place and all – mind, body and spirit – are disrupted again.

The most recent incident involved my teenage son, his motor bike, and a tree and  consequently a sixteen hour stint in A&E. He’s ok (incase your wondering), apart from the post concusion symptoms (which  i believe could go on for some time), he had a very lucky escape – and hopefully learnt some lessons. But due to this my living room has been  turned into the local motor shop stockroom  and my garden the local garage- so much for the de-cluttering!!

I think i’ve finally worked out all my food allergies – so my brain at least feels as though it might begin to operate again – after its five year dysfunctional phase. So i’ve been thinking about some bigger goals  i want to achieve and  trying to establish some kind of routine and  planned learning so i can take charge of everything in a more productive way. This involves a lot of planning and is something I’m still working on, but my head won’t function without a definite plan and some deadlines.

So if that wasn’t enough here comes the  overwhelm – One of my big objectives is to ‘finish things i’ve started’. So Ive been adding up all the things i’ve signed up to in the last few years and never got to doing, -and  consequently added a few more selective classes (to achieve my current goals for business and creativity).  My current count of things to catch up on is-  43 short (2 to 8 weeks) academic courses at future learn,  28 artistic courses (some one-off videos, some much longer), and over 2300 u-tube videos on my watch later list (a lot of these are artistic and technical process videos.  So this all sounds manageable right – ok now we have to add the 6.3k pinterest pins, and I have not yet listed all the books i have lying around my house waiting to be read – there are many – and since books are my current decluttering target I’m sure an update will be following shortly for those of you interested) I have also to list all the U.F.O’s hanging around. = overwhelm, right???

In-between trying to deal with all that there is the day-to-day of family life, housework and trying to establish a business of my own (which seems to constantly get placed on the back burners – really must do something about that!) and trying to find time for this blog. But to my surprise i  have managed to squeeze in a little art work, which i hope to update you all on very soon , but heres just a sneak peek at things that have passed over my desk in the past few weeks and of whats to come in future posts.

collagethingstocome2collagething to come 1

Hope all you WOYWWers are having more fun than me!!

Ta ta for now.


  1. Firstly, I’m so glad your son is ok – that’s one heck of a life lesson to learn the hard way. The only way to deal with overwhelm is to cut out the really non-essential stuff. The art courses can be done later, it’s not the right time for setting up a new business when your head’s everywhere. Just take two things only that need addressing and concentrate on them. I’m only saying this cos it’s been a year like that for me too. Good luck 🙂
    Hugs, LLJ 7 xx

  2. Ohmy… overwhelmed is the right word! I almost got overwhelmed just READING what you encounter in life… and so much projects you want to finish! Good luck with it all, the small images look promising… Happy woyww and a big hug from Holland, Marit #26

  3. Trust your son soon recovers from his accident and you get your living room back… I know my own life is busy – I’m full-time carer for my hubby – so many things I long to do have to be put on the back burner for I know not how long. But I just try to do a little at a time and not let the rest make me go into too much panic. Which, believe me, I can do!! Some days I get absolutely nothing done other than look after John – even the meals then take a back seat…
    take care. God bless.
    Margaret #23

  4. When I’m overwhelmed I make a list of all the ‘to do’ things and then enjoy crossing them out as I do them. Once I look at the list I seem to feel more organised and in charge. Hope this helps.
    Hope your son gets better soon and you get your garden back!!!
    Have a good week
    aka Bishopsmate #31

  5. Balance has always been a struggle for me since getting married and having children. I think, it’s something we all struggle with. So know that you are not alone. Prayers for continued healing of your son. Blessings for a great WOYWW and terrific week! LisaDV #28

  6. oh my, sounds like your son was very lucky! hope you get life back on track soon! helen #1

  7. I hope that you are successful with your goals and that your son is doing better. Kids – you gotta love em. 😉
    April #32

  8. Hope things are picking up for you. I’m doing catch-up a bit this week so sending you belated happy woyww, Angela x 15

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