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howdy all, heres my desk for this week,


still trying to rearrange and de-clutter everywhere.Probably going to take the entire year to get through it all, since its 18 years of hoarding, but I’m just taking it a bit at a time. and if all i do is clean it won’t get any of those crafting materials used up. but it does help me establish whats there to use so that i might avoid buying more – yeh – we all know what that thought results in don’t we?

Have some thoughts roaming around my head to take up textiles again since i cleared out the airing cupboard and found a stash of vintage material, so on the desk you can see my laptop and sketch book as i’m researching possible projects and subjects. there were a lot of blues, greens and oranges in the vintage stash, so I’m thinking koi fish in a pond. below are my two initial studies – still lots of work to do, including remembering how to do textiles!





ta ta for now,

c u all soon



  1. Good luck with the clearing out. I keep putting that off, as like you, it’d take years!!!!! Love the koi carp images, looks like you are having fun.
    Hugs Lisax #35

  2. Can’t wait to see the textile koi’s. Your sketch study is wonderful!
    ♥ from MiSchra {an art journal nerd} #27 at WOYWW

  3. The more I clean it seems the more mess I make!!! Cute Koi fish and pond.
    Have a great day.
    Diane – WOYWW #30

  4. Beautiful paintings. I love vintage fabric. Not so good at sewing but I love the fabric.

    Have a great week
    Sharon K #42

  5. I think clearing out and reorganizing never ends, but not to discourage you it is just one of those things that is dynamic and always changing. Good luck with that task and enjoy the textiles if you decide to take them up again. PJ #57

  6. Deeply impressed by your commitment to the decluttering process, continued good luck! I wouldn’t know where to start with the textiles, but I LOVE your son called sketch preparation!

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