woyww 355 – sketchbooks

so, despite the overhaul to my desk being a great success and my desk being  alot more suitable to work at, the space around it is still very much blockaded, and since my time got usurped this morning by teenage hair disasters (THD) i just couldn’t be bothered to move all the boxes with the small amount of ‘studio time i had left in my schedule.  So yes once more it has been abandoned for this :-

batch_20160322_163521…the ‘bedtop-desk’.

so what can you see…in view order from left to right… my planning pen’s, coz due to THD in now have to reschedule everything in my bullet journal (go job its a flexible system), some drawing implements- pencils sharpener eat. My three current work books (from the top) my sketchbook- I’m trying to get to this more regally since its abandonment pre-christmas, this particular one is for dry media only as its made with what the paper industry call ‘soft paper’. I don’t personally like, but for some reason i seem to have a large collection of them (thats what decluttering does – makes you aware of all the ufo’s and gives you todo overload). My aim is to improve my fast sketching skills – of which i have ‘none’, and to finish an entire sketchbook before moving on to the next!!! (well we’ll see – not holding my breath!).

The larger book underneath (again arrived due to decluttering). It appears that over the eighteen years we’ve been in this house, i’ve acquired a rather large collection of books, for a lot of them i only seem to be keeping them because they have a few good pictures i want to sketch from, so i figured why not ‘kill two birds with one stone’ as the saying goes. so i am working from a really old and outdated encyclopaedia on china. The other book underneath is my handwriting and calligraphy practise book (a reclaimed hobonichi, which didn’t meet its full potential). and on the far right my laptop, coz I’ve been watching some free sketchbook workshops by strathmore papers  while i sketch.

heres my final sketch, i even broke out some metallic pencils my kids seem to of abandoned, (another decluttering find ):

20160322_163533 this particular reference was of a javanese sculpted head on the gates of Bangkok Grand Palace, i hope i’ve done it justice?

don’t forget to check the other desks at the stamping ground

ta ta for now

love and cyber hugs , c u soon


  1. great sketch!
    Have a great day!
    Diane – WOYWW #32

  2. Great sketch
    Have a great day.
    Diane – WOYWW #32

  3. Teenage hair drama! Glad I’m all done with that lol. That’s a very interesting sketch. Sounds like a great place to visit!

    Have a great week
    Sharon K #51

  4. I totally get it. We never had hair disasters, but oh, the changes and drain on time make an impromptu bed desk a very good idea. And yes, I think your Javanese head was worth it. Your many comments about decluttering are scary!

  5. Love the sketch. I just can not work on the bed. I’ve tried. The area around my work space is blocked as well. patio furniture at the moment so the new puppy doesnt’ tangle her lead up in the furniture on the deck. But I can get to my workspace. Creative blessings! Kelly #49

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