WOYWW 354 – anniversary card creations

 Rearanging to make anniversary card

needed to make an anniversary card or two,  but desk was a mess- again. So  to make it more functional, I did this:-

desk rearrange  I removed a lot of the junk off of it, and brought down my work station from the loft.  I now have a three in one desk.

The view your currently looking at is it’s mixed media set up. The top of the workstation has (very kindly) been covered in glue, paint and i don’t know what else – by my very kind kids!!!. Its rather lumpy and bumpy and hence got covered up by an under-sheet. This can easily be changed and recycled later- so hence the mixed media section.

The other side of the board hasn’t been touched by children. So  fortunately  i can simply flip it over when i want a super smooth surface for writing, and cleaner processes, like making those anniversary card’s.

And the whole thing can be lifted off  the desk and kept on the bed – during the day. So i then have a third work surface for ‘dirtier’ metal work.

This work surface really helps bring the height of the desk up to a more adult level -till i can afford a new desk ( or a studio). This current one was built for a ten year old – I’m sure, and  it causes a lot of back pain to sit hunched at it. Hopefully this height lift will aid me at least some of the time. I have also managed to even out the lighting a little too.

Yes- i know what your thinking –

and you’d be right it defiantly didn’t stay that clean for long . I just had to test it out, so here it is  again a bit later on –

card creating

so i  had some family anniversaries coming up and  thought i’d get started on some card creations, as you can see that nice clean desk got cluttered again very quickly. But raising the surface and the change in lighting defiantly made it a nicer place to work. Heres the end result –

anniversary cardTwo same, but different anniversary cards. I’ve used some of tim holtz’s embossing dies, and some scraps from my box. I added a  few stamps (sorry don’t know at this time who there by), and simple some ancient confetti  and rub-ons.

thats it for now except to remind you to check out the other desks at the stamping ground.

ta ta,

love and cyber hugs

c u soon.


  1. Of course when it’s clean it’s just begging to be worked on, right? I did clean my desk last week but it’s a big old mess again this week. Hope you are more successful at keeping yours tidy.

    I love the cards. Very bright and full of love

    Happy WOYWW
    Sharon K #45

  2. Lovely cards, and your desk looks fabulously functional!

    Happy Woyww to you,
    #52 this week

  3. Your space looks good all set and everything easy to grab lovely cards you have made hugs Nikki 41

  4. What a cute way to personalize the cards! Second picture looks much more inviting 😉 Creative Blessings! kelly #53

  5. Belated WOYWW. I love your cards they are so pretty and your desk is fabulous. I love to stand and work so I bought bed risers for my table as before I know to low and couldn’t work to long without my back sore. Have a great week. Hugs~Anne L#36

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