woyww 353 – temporary space and bullet journals

howdy all

so i’ve been MIA for a few weeks and thought i’d better pop in with an updated desk. As you can see from the  photo it has currently been abandoned whilst i re-think its organisation.

So here is my current ‘temporary’ work space

work desk Wednesday and  bullet journals

work desk Wednesday- organising and bullet journals

Yes, I’ve stollen the  dining table! It  seems julie from the stamping ground, and i have some things in common – aka- paperwork!  Over the past few years due to physical fatigue caused by health issues, a lot of household tasks  have been mostly ignored or beyond my physical capabilities. Since i’m now mostly feeling better, and getting really fed up with living in a ‘hoarders paradise’ – i figured it was time to do something about it. The only issue being – where to start- there so much to catch up on.  So its time to break them down into more manageable tasks i can handle more easily.

so to the actual stuff on my desk,

firstly my laptop so  I can write this post. It is surrounded by  my current (and ever-changing) organising system . I have tried many diary, and binder systems in the past – none of which have really worked. So i’m changing it up again. At the side of my laptop are two books, the red spiral bound is just a cheep note book. Its been hanging around the house for ages ‘unloved’.  I’ve  finally given it purpose as my main ‘brain dump’ book. It contains  my main todo list for big projects one-off tasks.  Then  a ‘big buys’ section (for house and future business purchases) . The third section i am using as  a check list for monthly, weekly and daily chores – as i have lost track of whats on my ticktick app. The fourth section at this point is unused but i’m sure i will find something to fill it  with eventually.

On top of that is one of my previous organising systems that lay redundant, hardly used and unloved. Its my hobonichi from last year. It was an expensive error on my part, so i have re-commisioned it for lettering and calligraphy practise. Coz theres gotta be some fun stuff todo- right?  I covered it in some material i rescued from my mothers, it was originally her bathroom blind. No lettering in it yet but its ready for future practise.

Re-trying bullet journals

In the front of my laptop is my main planner. I am using that expensive cover – that came with the hobonichi- to house two sigma note books. One of these is solely for business and blog planning, and note taking. The other is my main day planner. I have reverted to Ryder’s analog system of bullet journalling.  I didn’t give this enough effort last time i tried it. But out of all the systems i have tried, its adaptability makes the most sense in my head. So its  time to give it another try.  Its early days with this  system, but finally some stuff is  getting done.  I can see this system hanging around for a while to come yet.

On the left hand side of my laptop is a new packet of staedtler fibre tip pens for colour coding my  bullet journal. You can thank Kara at bohoberry for that one! Staedtler claim that there pens can last for weeks without a cap on. Well – since tesco’s delivered my set minus one lid – i guess we will be putting that theory to the test. Ill let you know how long my yellow pen minus its lid lasts on some  future post!

At the very front of the photo you will notice the top of my green coat. This is hung to dry – because  like julie, I have a very wet day whether wise.  And top of my daily todo’s in my bullet journals was a trip to the bank and post office. Normally given the weather i would probably have left it to another day.  But the daily rewriting of todo’s really motivates me to get things  off the list.

ta ta for now, love & cyber hugs

c u soon


  1. Trusting you will be able to break down the tasks into manageable chunks!
    Take care. God bless.
    Margaret #1

  2. We have too much stuff and its overwhelming. Smart to tackle with small tasks and goals. You’ll get there before you know it.
    Have a great day.
    Diane – WOYWW #38

  3. I just recently went through my organizational bonanza as many melt downs.. it took me forever to go through stuff, (Baby steps) and brave up and throw out and organize what I need and wanted to keep.. a real toss (as soon as you toss it, you need it) but it’s all good now, great to feel accomplished in that area… but and there is always a but!
    I am now looking for everything!! Stuff in new places, not the old places and can’t remember if I threw it out or if I stuck it somewhere new!! Lol
    Life is an adventure, may as well laugh and enjoy the ride!
    Take care, I know how health issues can take over you, but just do what you can, when you can and enjoy the present moments!!
    Happy Creating!!

  4. I had an enormous clear out 18 months ago during my breakdown……I’m still coming across stuff in the weirdest of places….sometimes a good clear-out isn’t as helpful as you hope it would be!
    Happy WOYWW

  5. Oh dear so much planning and organising must leave so little energy to be creative! Ali #68

  6. I’m glad your health issues are working out.

    I think with any sort of organisation it is where to start. I’ve got several projects I need to get done, but they seem just overwhelming so I don’t even start.

    Sharon K #48

  7. I hate deck uttering and break it down into timed sessions – I do 15 minutes of unearthing and then 30 minutes of disposing…either re-packing (properly) or getting shot of stuff without it cluttering up the hall for a month! Interesting to me that you’ve found pen and paper the way to go for planning and diary….I still do it that way too, the apps just didn’t do it for me!

  8. I definitely need a clear out but things keep turning up that seem more important but will get round to it soon hopefully. So all that is left is to wish you a happy woyww, Angela x 19

  9. Good luck with the tasks that you need to get done. You’re doing the right thing breaking it down into manageable chunks. Nice clear desk too.
    Sorry I’m running a bit late on WOYWW
    Sharon xx #50

  10. So much productivity in a small area. Go you! I would be lost without my planner in the morning. While I do not ‘bullet’, I am a To Do List kind of planner. Both similar from a motivating standpoint. Creative Blessings! Kelly #61

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