WOW- has it been a long time since i was here? around 40 woyww’s by my count. Many personal disasters attributed to this, but I shan’t bore you with the details, all is well currently and I’m keeping my fingers well and truly crossed, and ‘touching wood’ and all that jazz for a prosperous future!

So your wondering what my current desk look like are you? – you must be mad, but here it isDSC_0011I think the more appropriate question would be “where is my desk?” As you can see this area, my ‘cold-desk’ {where everything not involving a flame, kiln or oven happens} is still suffering from ‘post christmas blues’, so for this Wednesday, whats on , under, and around my desk is going to have to come off  and away from it, yes you guessed it – its tidy time- hold your breath, ill have it done in two shakes of a tail feather-

DSC_0013ta-da – see told you!

Whilst on the tidy rampage, i came across these


a couple of  little leather carving’s  practise i squeezed in before christmas took over. Yes, yet another craft to add to my repertoire,  practise is still in the very early stages, but its looking like a habitual resident in my craft room already!

And since i’ve made a rule outlawing the practise of leaving the ‘cold-desk’ without actually accomplishing anything (either new, or off a pre-existing ‘to-do list’ (of which there are many), i spent some time filling some moulds with some metal clays that have been hanging around for ever –


I hope to be able to find my kiln  (which is currently hiding downstairs, in another pile of  ‘christmas aftermath’) in the next couple of weeks. who know’s i might even get to firing it up- if i feel brave enough – i am currently suffering from ‘first use nerves’! Does anyone else suffer from this?

don’t forget to check out all the other desks at the stamping ground.

apologies if you go wandering round my site -only to fine empty pages- i have recently moved to wordpress and am still learning my way around, i hope to have it all in place soon!

love and cyber hugs


  1. Oh I love everything you have going on. Like the idea of a hot and cold desk though here I don’t do much hot work so it’s all done on one desk. Though I do move everything out of the way when using heat tool!! Take care Zo xx 39

  2. my desk looks like that often! Just too many projects going on and no time to clean up in between. Plus why clean if you use it soon again 🙂

  3. Those look wonderful. Great desk! Lots going on.

    Thanks for sharing
    Sharon K #52

  4. Welcome back! You have some great looking projects going on! Hope you have a great day!
    Carol N #51

  5. Hi Shaz, from another Shaz! There are a few of us on here now! I think tidying after Christmas is one job that always get put off. Have a great week, Hugs, Shaz #16 xxx

  6. Oh yes, the Christmas mess. We all suffer from it. I have posted some new stash as my desk is such a mess, it’s not worth showing. But needs must, and I am in the process of tidying.
    Lovely little leather bits.
    I hope you get to fire your kiln soon.
    Have a good week,

  7. Love your desk, and how tidy you made it!! Helen #2

  8. what a transformation, and what great projects happening. Vicky#66

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