Howdy all,

so here is painting no 2 of my 100-artworks-challenge  collection.

 ‘Fun house on murky waters’  is in oils on unstretched canvas, and measures 5×6 inches. This is only my second oil painting, i’m still working out how to manipulate these paints in the way that i want, which i figure could take years- so don’t hold your breath!.
I found all the roof angles rather challenging on this piece, it may of been improved if I had sketched it out first but since my head likes to work backwards, and i really felt like i just had to start painting or it wouldn’t happen, the sketching came afterwards, – so here it is-

If you read my last post your’ll know that painting no.3 has been waylaid by the dreaded ‘norovirus’ from which i am slowly recovering, i hope to have it finished soon, but given that children are now under foot as well ( coz of easter hols) not to sure when that will be.

Happy Paint Party Friday, dont forget to check what everyone else is up to via the paintpartyfriday blog and Happy Easter to you all,

Ta ta for now
love and cyber hugs,
c u soon!


  1. Very nice ~ and only your second attempt with oils! Keep at it and enJOY the creative journey!

  2. Very nice!!

    Hugs Giggles

  3. Very nice work. Oil are very hard to work with. I applaud you!

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