well its been a long time since i’ve been here !!!

I’m not even sure that i can remember how it all works !!!

Its been more than  a year (almost two) since I was last here and this post is probably going to feel more like confession!!!
I’m not even sure I remember how to publish, or anything i once knew about layouts, photo links and all the other paraphernalia that accumulates in our heads when we put ourselves  ‘out there’ in the form of a blog. I wish to send my sincere apologies to those of waiting on the next installment of my ‘arty adventures’, and thank-you for your patients in the long wait. so a little catch up…..


…..Life has  kind of stagnated  for me {again!} over the past year, all my plans got waylaid  by the ‘doubting demons’ again. The deep dark  depression they force upon me takes its toll in many guises.
But i am determined to fight my way out of it. I think that despite my best efforts in the past, it lays unresolved because i have only ever tried resolving one thing at a time. My focus from now on has to be in finding my ‘holistic character’, in treating every part of myself in a much better way, so i might give myself a fighting chance to becoming a ‘complete being’.


I began this process back at the end of the summer, starting with physical fitness –  which i have neglected since i was at school.  I’m slowly improving my diet, this process actually began a couple of years ago when i gave up crisps, the year after that i gave up chocolate – yes indeed with no regrets. But this summer has really given me some health problems, so on top of the depression i’ve had to contend with chronic headaches, ibs symptoms, and sinus/allergy issues  and early arthritic symptoms (pins and needles, freezing cold feet – particularly at night/ even on those hot summer nights – and despite wearing triple layered socks – ect, ect).Cant say i particularly  want any of that to continue, so i’ve really had to re-evaluate my everyday – well everything!!


I began with the basics because i believe its all about creating life habits, rather than being on some  fad-diet, so more water less coffee, less sugar, minimize snacking. Next came physical exercise – i began brisk walking to start with, which is  slowly progressing toward   running, i  still have lots of walking intervals but i’m working on that. Just recorded my fastest mile this morning in 10 minutes and 38 seconds, i’m quite pleased with that, and looking forward to seeing my next progression.
Although i love running, given that i live in the uk, and knowing what horrible weather we have i don’t want to be reliant on it for  my only form of exercise, so in the last couple of weeks i’ve began to look at some yoga programs as well, i look forward to seeing my skills here develope as well, and hope that it works its wonders and eliminates all those aches and pains.


i am a creative being at heart, but my creativity often gets thrown to the sidelines when domestic activities overwhelmed, this is something that needs to be resolved as i’d really like to make it a full time career, so this year i’m concentrating more on my art, less on the household chores – this is particularly difficult when the household chores invade my desk space, so this definitely needs working on. i have managed to create a few pages and cards over the last year or so but nothing like the volume i imagined in my head. I have scattered a few of there images throughout this page, (some of  you may of seen them via my instagram) and are saving some others for future posts, which will i hope come sometime very soon.


I have joined LifeBook this year in the hope that it will keep me inspired to create. keep watching for a update on the artwork created from this and #100artsworkchallenge i am taking part in.


tata for now,
love and cyber hugs

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