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Howdy all,

Over at artistwriterdreamer.comKellee Wynne Conrad has set out a challenge and I have accepted in the hope it will keep me motivated to produce the art i really want to. Its not to late to join in, there are already over 200 of us on this challenge, so you will be in good company
I have set the following parameters which i will try to adhere to without flouting  :
 The pieces will be ‘paintings’, with a variety of media (as I have an ever growing collection that needs a purpose). But mostly oils as i haven’t ever used these and would like to get to know them. . I will restrict the size of the pieces to no larger than A4.  So they are manageable and i  can finish then relatively quickly. I don’t want the  ufo pile to grow any larger. There will be a variety of substrate – as i have all sorts  hiding  around the house . And my main mission on this challenge is to get back into the artwork production swing, and work out exactly where my artistic heart lies!!!


This is no.1 of 100 ‘paintings’  for this challenge, i have called it ‘champignon brun’. Its in oil, painted on a 5 x 6 inch unstretched canvas .
 Given that i haven’t painted in a  subjective way since i left school i’m quite pleased with it , its my first time ever using oil paints so i have a way to go learning all their intricacies.

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TaTa for now
love and cyber hugs.

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  1. Best of luck on your challenge! I think I will check out the site – maybe I'll start posting there, too! I love to see what other artists are doing – it is SO inspirational!

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