completely sidetracked – one thing leads to another!!!

oh my – there was i getting really good at regular blogging, when i got completely sidetracked with all the crafty stuff !! its been a number of weeks since you’ve heard from me, but i though i’d better pop in before the impending summer holidays (which are approaching fast, beginning later today in fact) and the bombardment of ‘i’m board’ commentary from my off-spring. this is my desk today —

its the usual clutter of mixed media detritus that befalls me with every creation. but i’m trying to complete some of my earlier pieces, which were held up by the disappearance of my resin. i eventually found it residing the heat-baked loft – which apparently it didnt like, as it had completely baked into a pile of uselessness. I have now aquired some new resin – which i am keeping a sharp eye on (so it won’t befall the same fate)

last visit i began using up some small scraps of fabric that had been gathered over the years and annoying me of late. The idea being to crazy-patch them all together, and embroider with some zentangle like design, to eventually become a bag. This is the current state of the project –


its very slowly moving toward its envisaged destination – but as my title suggest i have been sidetracked by other crafty thoughts, which began when thinking about how to finish this project.

my initial dilemma came about due to a lack of cording for the construction of handles for the bag. my resolution – use up  the wardrobe full of wool from upstairs – but how ??? this question lead to lots of investigation and the eventual acquisition  of some kumihino  disks and bobbins, and lots of u-tube watching  – which has thus far resulted in these —


But lead to yet more questions about  how to finish the braiding, and  how to personalize these little bags and braids even more. i am currently still investigating – the possibilities are endless, but my current favourites are lamp-work beads, metalwork (including fretwork, filigree and chasing and reposing), and enamel work. needless to say all of which involve the acquirement of lots of tools, lots of practise and lots of u-tube videos and library books – watch this space !!!!   .



  1. Heat is so bad for our craft stuff, I am lucky my craft room is in the basement and the coolest room in the house in summer
    Bridget #23

  2. That's the problem with crafting….one thing leads to another! Your creative juices are certainly flowing and your patchwork is wonderful! LOVE the braiding technique oo…so clever! Have lots of fun and thanks for sharing! Happy WOYWW! #87

  3. Wonderful patchwork and love how you have your pens organised!

    Dawn #77

  4. Drooling over your patchwork! I have been holding on to some of my late hubbys shirts to have something made from them. I am now thinking a crazy quilt or something! (I don't sew, but I have a sister who does…). Lots of fun stuff going on there on your desk. Looking foward to seeing what is next for you! Winnie#82

  5. a great desk shot, but i'm sorry, your crazy quilt steals the show! I LOVE it!!
    happy WOYWW and have a great week 🙂
    no. 60

  6. It's amazing how diverse crafting people can be – love you're idea to use up the fabric scraps; I've been digging about with fabric lately too – have rainbow colours of poly-poplin I've had for years and hope to make a baby quilt – I'm nat good a crazy but can't wait to see what I come up with. Cheers and happy crafting RobynO #113

  7. I am loving the look of your crazy patchwork for a bag and don't you just love U-Tube so much inspiration to be found in so many wonderful places. Happy WOYWW! Danie #72

  8. it looks like you have been really busy and it was a shame that the heat did the damage it did. I look around my craft room all the time wondering if anything will be affected by the sun and heat. Loving the quilt you are doing it looks great
    Sending hugs on WOYWW and hope you have a great week
    Ria #44

  9. Wow you are doing lots of cool stuff.
    Thank you for visiting
    Karen #77

  10. So easy to get sidetracked, I agree. and getting sidetracked is usually expensive, lol.Have a great week, Hugs, Shaz #70 xx

  11. ah, sidetracking….oh yes, I think we all unrrstand..specially that part that starts as research and you get a billion more ideas to try! loving the scraps sewn the black a sort of piping, or are the pieces sewn onto the looks great, really gives impact.

  12. thank you for popping by my little blog – visiting is always appreciated,and the black is simply embroidered chainstich in a heavy thread,

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