First an apology for my absence last week, it was school hol’s (yet again) so i was up to my elbows in teenage arguments, again! I cant believe i missed ate atc swap special, may one day get around to planning ahead for these things! Secondly, are you sure you want to see this ???

yes its the usual messy aftermath of crafty bewilderment.
The mission for tidy house continues, general mess is well on its way to charity shops ect, but my mission to complete ufo’s does not go well. Having regained my crafty mojo i find the ufo pile grows larger on a daily basis, with half finished projects and arty experiments. Determined to do something about it i took some of the cards (i think they may have been destined for the ATC stash, until the up-cycle fairy hit), i added abit of this and that (making good use of my newly created acrylic sprays, and a stash of mini cereal boxes, and new sewing station), and created this
my first mini hand bound journal.
Unfortunately it still resides in the  UFO pile. I was about to take up the challenge of my first book binding session, when i discovered my beeswax in a crumbly  pile (due to age), so couldn’t coat my embroidery threads, then when i reached for my tool box, discovered my awl  had met a fate worse than death – ‘disfigurement by husband’ – must really get a padlock for my toolbox!!lol. So this little book still awaits binding, i  have sent for beeswax(which arrived quickly and new awl (since my home-town shops are a bit useless at having anything crafty in them) via internet and despite the awl add saying ‘next day delivery’ i’m still waiting a week later.
in the mean time I’ve created a couple more book covers – again i think the initial art work was destined for the ATC pile till i spotted its new potential.
since i have yet to cut pages for these two, i’d better go dig out the rather cumbersome paper stash, and sift through it for some suitable materials.
so ta ta for now
love and cyber hugs
see you soon
p.s don’t forget to pop by Julia’s  and hop around some more creative desks



  1. Fabulous book covers, hope you get to join in next time, it was fun!! Helen 5

  2. Wow i just love your book covers . Happy woyww Jill #82

  3. oh wow you finished journal is stunning and when you get the other two bound they will also be fantastic journals

    Wishing you a very happy WOYWW and hope you have a great week
    Ria #39

  4. Am a little late visiting. Love your book covers. Happy WOYWW. Anne x #52

  5. The book covers are stunning…love all the colour schemes. Happy (late) WOYWW. Pam#9

  6. Well gal, if my UFOs were ever as stunning as these I would consider them finished! Have fun with the binding. Oh and I love the banksy crate!

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