woyww 211

hi y’all
over the last couple of days i have exchanged my usual desk for kitchen work top, heres what i’m working with …..


i’ve had this box of fabric scraps hanging about and annoying me for a couple of years now. My nan taught me the art of thriftiness when i was very young, and its a habit a rather like to keep, so throwing things out whilst still possibly useful is just beyond comprehension in my head – hence a rather small house, packed to the rafters with all sorts of nonsense.

anyway back to the matter in hand – this box of fabric scraps, most of them little more than edge trimmings, has become particularly annoying recently as i find myself constantly tripping over it no matter where it is put. So I  thought i should probably get on and use some of it up. I found a suitable plain cotton base ( rescued from one of my daughters projects that got half way – and given up on) and am currently patching them all together into a solid piece of fabric. My current thinking is to embroider the top in some kind of zentangle style, and turn it into a barrel bag – but this is not yet set in concrete so may well  change direction.

thats it for today as i am also trying to get my garden cleared up before the forecasted rain and thunder hits, dont forget to check out all the other desks via julia’s delightful site.

ta ta for now
love and cyber hugs
happy woyww


  1. What a great way to use up scraps of fabric. a nice wall hanging with all different colours and textures as well as some embroisery over the top would be another idea?

    Thanks for sharing,

    Happy WOYWW

    Jackie x

  2. At least you have an idea of what you want to make with the scraps.
    Happy Wednesday, Karin #137

  3. good luck with your scraps I look forward to seeing what you make from it all, nothing should be thrown out as something can be made from it
    have a great WOYWW and enjoy the rest of your week
    Ria #47

  4. Good idea. And actually doing it too – even better. My mum has that pin cusion/sewing box too, it makes me nostalgic about my childhood sewing lessons!

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