woyww 206

for those of you wondering what this post is all about go here to find out more, otherwise, grab a cup-pa – and here it is :-

hum, this desk looks suspiciously tidy!!! – how on earth did that happen???

ok news for this week  – i decided i definitely didn’t like those acrylic paints, after having come across several  very greasy colours that just kept spoiling the work, ok they were an incredibly cheep brand and i should of known better, but i decided rather than chucking them, i’d invest in some spray bottles and try them in a different way. so as you can see my ‘banksy’ box is now over loaded with acrylic sprays.

 I’m holding all the arty u-tube folk responsible for this,  they produce such lovely work using spays – i just wanted to join in. Central on the desk is my first spray-collage in progress – just playing with a few of my new spays (note to self: consistency not quiet right yet- need to  work on that), i’ll show you how the collage progressed  in a minute.

On the ‘quest for tidy house’ front all is going well so far, (fingers crossed i havn’t just jinxed it). I’ve cleared lots of unwanted clutter from house and loft, lots being donated to local charity shop. cant quite belief how many cardboard boxes i have stashed in the loft, far too many to ever be useful – so lots of recycling to be done over the next few months (yes there really are that many!).

Every box i go into seems to hold more and more art and collage supplies. Stickers, rub-ons, peel-offs, transfers, emphera, decoupage sheets, magazine cuttings – you name it i’ve probably got it, but i can never find the right piece when i want it, so some organization is needed. Regualar readers will remember this:


my little black file for collage/ journal pieces.  its simply not big enough!!! its been upgraded to this –


ok its not very pretty jet (something else to work on) but didn’t cost a penny and used up lots of redundant files that were otherwise filling up my loft.

i’ve also managed to make room for this :


my new sewing station. long storey short – before the depression hit me last year, i was intending to teach myself free-motion embroidery. i had set up a really nice sewing table, but my kids managed to break there desk, and my sewing table became its replacement. The machine i wanted to use for this is a vintage semi-industrial machine. It only has two stitches (straight and zigzag) but its able to handle quite a  variety and thickness of material, unlike my more modern machine which to be quite frank is a bit of a whimp when it come to any real work!!! But because it is soooooo heavy i really don’t like to move it about too much, and because the house is in disarray i usually end up using all my creative time hunting numerous boxes, just to find the basics of threads and needles.  so i’ve taken time out this week to put all the basic sewing essentials together in one place, its still not ideal, i think its a little shorter than i need it, and its still very small, but it has to do for the moment. It does at least come on wheels, so i can push it out of the way when not in use, and move it right under the light on these dark gloomy uk days (that is once i’ve freed it from its surrounding boxes).

which brings me back to this:


my first spray collage (you saw on my desk earlier). I’m re-using some old note paper as a base (my old collage notes – another find in the loft), i’ve sprayed and stencilled  it with my new acrylic sprays, i’ve stamped and water coloured, and adhered papers ect. And because the base paper is quite light weight and i want to stitch next, i have backed it with some garden fleecing. I could of used, interfacing or a light  weight cotton, but i found lots of small scraps of garden fleece on my tidy up, so have put them to use. And this is its current state – sat drying awaiting stitching – if only i could remember how to operate this machine!! lol

ta ta for now

love and cyber hugs





  1. Wow! Love your collage piece, amazing colours. I also have a roll of garden fleece I thought I might find a crafty use for- now you've given me one. Completely with you on the storage issue- I had so much stuff I could never find what I wanted. Knew I had it somewhere though. I did a huge re-organisation over Christmas, and I used a lot of old ringbinders too. I got some fablon from Wilkinsons and covered them with that. Have a great week, Hugs Shaz #85 xxx

  2. Fabulous page so far – can't wait to see the stitching and using garden fleece is a brilliant idea 🙂
    Nice to meet you and Happy WOYWW 206 !

    Ike xx #102


  3. wow! that must feel good to have organized so much – I'm still procrastinating… Your plans sound awesome – especially the free-motion embroidery. I like to give it a try for quite some time (well, I kinda started already ;)) It's really fun
    Thanks for stopping by!
    Jana #30

  4. Good for you having a clearout and getting all organised … you put me to shame! I also want to try some free embroidery on my projects but have trouble even threading my machine…lol!!! I'm sorry you didn't get on with those acrylics, sadly it's true, you do get what you pay for and I can wholeheartedly recommend Jo Sonja acrylics if you're in the mood to try them again. I use them all the time and luuuuurrrrve them : ) Thanks for sharing and Happy Woyww Liz @130

  5. Fabulous collage. Happy crafting #4

  6. You're so organised!! love your desk!!!
    And your makes!
    Mo xxx #69

  7. wow you have been such a busy bee and made so many changes are you sure you have not met yourself coming back, you should be really pleased with your hard work. I love the piece you have been working on with your new sprays it is really taking shape
    Have a great WOYWW today and a fabby week
    Ria #21

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