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Ok here it is, my still messy desk for those of you who are glutens for punishment, if you don’t know what we’re all going on about take a look at julia’s blog, she’ll explain it all. Apologies for my lateness.


miracle upon miracle, my desk actually has some work space on it – ok its only about  12 x 12, but i might just be able to fit in a particular project i have to work on this morning. I cant say much at the moment, as its hush hush just at the minute – but seeing as i have managed to silence the teenagers (with a chocolatey box of cereal) for five minutes i will get on with it. Hopefully i will have it done pronto before they start up again, and you will have to pop back on Tuesday afternoon when i can reveal all.

in the mean time here are a couple of cards i created a month or so ago which i don’t think have been published before

20130208_143642 20130208_143703

 there not much, but represent my leap back into the  art world after a long depressing creative block. I was really only playing about with odds and ends, and trying to remember what bit of stash does what – i still need to work on that!!!



  1. Chocolate bribery to gain crafty time?? Sounds like a good plan!

    hope you enjoy rediscovering your craft goodies

    happy woyww

    Debs #63

  2. your desk doesn't look that bad to me and it looks ready for crafting, love your cards

    Enjoy your WOYWW sunny day today
    Ria #64

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