U.O.L (Use-it. Or. Loose-it)

Whilst re-organizing my work area and house in general, it has come to my attention that – despite my creative blocks, my ability for acquiring crafty bargains has been relentless.
I blame my Nan for this, she was something of a thrifty hoarder herself, but i don’t have a cupboard under the stairs in the form of a Tardis like she seemed to have. I have, over the last 15 years packed every room in the house, even the loft, every nook and cranny is well and truly filled. (and the thought of having to move it all when we find a house exchange, makes me shudder to the bones!)

So in order to resolve this situation, I have challenged myself to ‘Use-it Or Loose-it’ – anything purchased, acquired  or salvaged before January 2013, has to either become incredibly useful (i.e used on more than one occasion), or it must go  by the end of the year.
At the top of the page, there are some slide shows so you can see how this challenge is progressing. As you can see i’ve managed to move a couple of things out of the danger zone already, but there not quite safe yet.…and this is how they’ve escaped the danger zone.

I have teamed them with some remnants of tissue boxes,( salvaged from family flue season over Christmas), which iv’e cut with fancy scissors called ‘Victorian‘, and edged with a crimson copic. Iv’e stamped my little birds with wet look pens and  embossed them in  lilac mother of pearl powder. washi tapes and die cuts were added to the base cards to produce some really quick valentine cards.
here’s the finished cards


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