Artistic blockages- when in dought – rearrange

I have had somewhat of a artistic blockages for some time now.

Despite the desire to create  – i just can’t bring myself to get started. I decided that the problem lie in my surroundings. My desk is placed in a corner of my bedroom. It has for a long time  felt cramped, dark and generally unwelcoming. I  spend the best part of the day hunting out all the required equipment from every other corner of the house. I find that most  things have got hurriedly packed away to the loft – hiding it from house viewers.


I felt like there was nothing else i could do but spend the best part of January rearranging my entire house, in a bid to gain some organisation to all of my crafting and up-cycling stash . 


artistic blockages and desk reorganising

here is my new creative space

far from perfect yet – i know. I have re-purposed two old cd racks, and purchased some new. These house the main stash of unmounted stamps, cutting dies, and paper ephemera, can remain  on my desk. There is new lighting.  An old lp rack, now contains  all my inks, paints and glitters within arms reach.   Out of view is an old paper rack that is now a much needed drying space.

There is still  a lot of ‘stash’ all over the house, but i am determined that i will create from the stash within arms length, so as not to waste time on a non  yielding hunt. 

i will spend a little time each month or so restocking from the rest of my stash, as i find interesting bits, whilst clearing out the house – cant wait to see what treasures i unearth.

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